F.P.S.  14.1781.06  

The detective agency AM-Investigations has been approved by the Federal Public Service for Internal Affairs under the licence number 14.1781.06.


This membership as well as the cooperation with different organisations allows AM-Investigations to operate globally worldwide.    


The establishment of AM-Investigations in Limburg is located just 10 minutes away from Hasselt and Genk.


We work in compliance with the legal standards and respect at all times the legal and ethical codes as defined by law for private investigators, the Belgian Criminal Law, the E.V.R.M. (European Convention for Human Rights) and the loyalty and confidentiality obligation.  


At the conclusion of the investigation, we provide each client with a full detailed report mentioning the services rendered and securing evidence for usage in court together with an exact calculation of the made costs, salaries and wages.


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